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Chiropractic Resources

Over the years, we have developed a relationship with the following offices/businesses.

Harmony Chiropractic Office

Harmony Chiropractic Office is located in Tokyo, Japan. Dr. Hiyoyuki Suzuki and Dr.Hodaka Asakura are one of only a few chiropractors to provide care to the people of Tokyo.

Emerson Ecologics

Emerson Ecologics is a leading resource for a wide variety of nutritional products which can be shipped directly to you. This company gives you access to over 12,000 professional brand products and could save you hundreds of dollars by providing you direct access to the manufacturer.

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Gotham Ayurveda

Gotham Ayurveda was created by K. Michael Ferranti to convey awareness of what the sacred gifts of Ayurveda can bring to the Body, Mind, and Consciousness. By integrating both eastern and western medical traditions, the holistic medical approach he employs brings about overall well-being, balance and longevity.

Takeyachi Chiropractic

This site is available in both English and Japanese and it describes the history of chiropractic in Japan and provides insight into what the profession is doing there.

Cox Technic

Cox Decompression technique provides non-surgical treatment for disc herniations.

Drive 495

Drive 495 is a private golf and fitness club – visit their site for more details!

ATLAS World USA, Inc. – Wellness Revolution

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